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Pro 3 / Re: Pro 3 filter LED flashing - normal?
« Last post by thedavydark on September 13, 2021, 09:12:01 AM »
Pro 3 SE delivered this afternoon. Serial 1018. Same issue. Iíve emailed Sequential support.
Sequential Prophet-6 / Re: Prophet 6 desktop gig bag recommendations.
« Last post by hoodoo_ray on September 13, 2021, 09:05:33 AM »
This one is available in the UK:

Maybe you can find the same one state side.
Take 5 / Re: Take 5 Firmware Update - Feature Requests
« Last post by Autosynther on September 13, 2021, 01:43:48 AM »
If factory presets are bound to be overwritten by firmware updates, I would take that, if I can just sysex dump that before update, and then sysex restore.

Those extra 128 slots are really worth it.

Or if there would be a swap feature - 128 factory and 128 user preset memory - and use the ordinary sysex features.
Pro 3 / Re: Noise generator - additional options
« Last post by unease on September 13, 2021, 12:16:15 AM »

Good idea for the noise on the 3rd osc:
  - can't we do it ourselves maybe?

Yes, to some extent I think we can, by constructing wavetables that contain noise. But it would probably sound a bit metallic and harsh since the wavetables are single cycle waveforms that are repeated and we would need to add some randomization to the shapemod to avoid repeating the same short random sequence. But it could sound pretty cool! The "sequential" and "pro3" wavetables contain some noisy parts so those can give an indication of how it would sound like.

A specialized noise waveform in osc3 would still be nice since that could generate nice and smooth noise of different characters.
Take 5 / Re: Take 5 Firmware Update - Feature Requests
« Last post by Autosynther on September 12, 2021, 11:16:41 PM »
For me, more presets and some more functionality on the sequencer would be nice.  Another small thing and, it may likely be just me, but itíd be great to temporarily see the values on the screen of the knobs you are turning.
Prologue has a nice touch on values of knobs - it also shows arrows and a star when at the stored value of the preset. So you can dial in on panel what the stored preset has when continue on one intermediate save you did.

Yes, minimum would be to make factory presets overwritable too, to make 256 presets overall.
My former KingKorg had a setting to remove protect of factory presets, and Prologue had it by default overwritable.

You cannot start fiddling with sysex stuff and various library manager so soon as at 128.
Take 5 / Re: Selling Prophet Rev2 to get a Take 5 - Insane ?
« Last post by Josh C on September 12, 2021, 08:22:10 PM »
if you use splits and layers like I often do, I would advise you to keep your Rev 2 and maybe get a Take 5 to complement it. I have considered this option for myself. my problem is that I don't know if the Take 5 can sound different enough from my Rev 2 to justify me getting one. i'm thinking maybe I should save up for an OB6 Desktop, because that has more of the sound that I'm looking for, but that's just me. however, the Take 5 has some really improved effects and sinewave as one of the waveform choices, Which can lead to new sonic possibilities.
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Bluewave presets only partially loading
« Last post by thirteen_engines on September 12, 2021, 06:08:10 PM »
There's a pc in the PX that is likely at least a generation old and not as fast a newer machines. I found that when I put a 32Gb data stick in it took about 30 seconds or more to be recognised whereas on my iMac it only takes about 5 seconds. I can't say why the pc is so slow except to guess that Dave and his engineers wanted to use the most reliable motherboard that the could find and sometimes this means using older hardware. Let us know how you get on.

Prophet Rev2 / Re: Prophet REV2 editor VST
« Last post by muziksculp on September 12, 2021, 12:58:06 PM »
Hi @Codeknobs,

I have a REV2 16 voice keyboard, it is connected to my DAW (Studio One Pro 5.3/Windows 10) via USB, does your VST REV2 editor allow me use it via USB ?

Does the current version of you REV2 editor allows me to edit the step-sequencer of the REV2 ?

Any specific editing operation that the current version of your editor does not support ?

Sequential Prophet X / OS 2.2.1
« Last post by Derek Cook on September 12, 2021, 11:26:02 AM »
Just thought I'd say that I have updated to this, and so far it looks like all the MIDI issues I had have been resolved. Will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and dig a little deeper as the nights start drawing in, and I spend more time in the studio!
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Bluewave presets only partially loading
« Last post by sunbambino on September 12, 2021, 08:44:55 AM »
That's both good and bad news. The bad: tried that half-speed routine already and it hasn't helped. The good: seems from what you're saying that my machine is not uniquely flawed in some way as I was beginning to suspect ;-)) If others are going through the same hoops then I'm happy. No, seriously, that is disheartening news. Why should the PX be so slow in this respect?

I'll try an even slower transfer and report back.
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