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Pro 3 / Re: Revert to Program Name While Tweaking?
« Last post by iluvchiclets on Yesterday at 05:23:39 PM »
Thanks for the tips!

I wish it was one click/twist away, instead of two,  but it will help.

I also noticed when writing a patch, it doesn't preview the new location patch name I'm about to overwrite...just the option to audition the patch.  That would be a nice option to have.
Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Old articles of interest
« Last post by LPF83 on Yesterday at 04:40:41 PM »
I thought it might have a fun thread to post Prophet nostalgia.  Interesting to note the Rev 4 captures the modulation options that Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears seemed to miss from the original P5 (and a better keyboard).  Interesting that he notes the thinness of the Jupiter-8, and doesn't seem to regard it as highly as he does Prophet.

"On 'The Hurting' we used just one JP8 and one Prophet for keyboards, that was it. We couldn't afford anything else at the time. I've only just learnt how to use them! I know it sounds stupid, but I think they're both incredible instruments.

"The Prophet T8's even better than the Five, I think it's my favourite analogue synth. I like the piano-weighted keyboard in fact everything I found wrong with the Prophet-5, like the fact that you had to use the modulation wheel for any modulation, seems to be put right on the T8. You've got in-built modulation, touch sensitivity, and I really like the Poly Mod.

"I've also got some good sounds out of the JP8 recently, some amazing vocal sounds sort of African 'wee-ahh' singing, and the sound of a baby crying. It's not as powerful an instrument as a Prophet, though, hasn't got much bottom end at all, and it's very much a thin sound. One thing that does piss me off about it is that when you put it into unison, the more you play the more voices you lose. Stupid. They should have made the unison a solo mode."

Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Desktop Modules
« Last post by LPF83 on Yesterday at 03:39:42 PM »
I'm sorry but, when talking about the Prophet 5 rev4 desktop, a module with one less voice than a P6 (or OB6) desktop version, for about $400 more?  :o
Not really, no thanks.

I can sorta understand the high price tag for the keyboard version, with all that wood casing work, but a module with two minuscule pieces of wood on each side? No.

I was willing to pay a high premium for my OB6 Desktop, because it has got that sweet Oberheim SEM sound that I was looking for, but this Prophet 5 rev4 doesn't even come close to sounding like a Sequential Circuits vintage P5 (in all the dozens of reviews and demos of it anyway). I'm awaiting Alex Ball's direct comparison video coming soon... Maybe that could change my mind about the sound? But I doubt it. Because, unlike Dave Smith's own admission, I, am not deaf.

Price comparisons between two completely different synths based on one more or less voice is kind of a non-starter.  Setting aside videos where someone has jumped through hoops to make them sound the same, the P6 and P5/P10 have a different sound (and honestly my P10 just sounds better overall, even factoring in the vintage knob on the P6).

The Rev 4 includes two filter options - and honestly I think this is one of the most underrated features of the synth.  Everyone goes on about the vintage knob, but being able to flip between filters with such differing characteristics is huge during the sound design process.

Every comment I've read or heard from anyone who owns both a Rev4 and a vintage P5 seems to feel they sound the same.  Do you have either one?  Would you agree that forming an opinion that one doesn't sound like another while having access to neither is a bit biased, to say the least, unless you've heard them in person side by side?

Last night I duplicated the Lyle Mays flute patch "Doctor Mix" recently posted to his channel that he created on his P5 Rev3 and it sounded like a perfect recreation once it was complete.  It took a bit of experimentation to find the exact sweet spots that are not revealed by visually seeing at the dial settings.  The experience of manually recreating that patch using the Rev 3 filter was VERY convincing evidence that the vintage sound has been authentically captured.
OB-6 / Re: OB6 MPE
« Last post by kisielk on Yesterday at 03:31:02 PM »
I'm trying this with my Linnstrument in MPE mode, Z-Axis is set to channel pressure, but it seems that all held notes are reacting to the pressure from one note? For example if I hold two notes, one quite high and one low and push harder on the low note I can hear the LFO being applied to the pitch of the high note.
Prophet 12 / Re: Prophet 12 keybed upgrade? ... or repair options
« Last post by studiodc on Yesterday at 02:30:45 PM »
If you go to and click the "support" link there is a link to "contact support" which has a link to "submit a support ticket". Use that to submit your specific issue.
Prophet 12 / Re: P12 Keybed replacement
« Last post by Joel57 on Yesterday at 02:21:43 PM »
Hi does anyone know the model of the keybed who the manufacturer is and where I can buy one? as mines not in good shape, ive tried dsi but they ask for photos as proof, ive explained I want to purchase and im not blagging a replacement and they closed my tab.

What's the problem with your keybed?

My P12 keybed developed some lazy keys that didn't respond properly to light playing, so I contacted Sequential support asking for tips on how to clean the contacts. The immediately created a support ticket and gave me some instructions on how to disassemble the synth and work the bubble contacts underneath the keys. When that didn't solve the issue they offered me a new keybed at a reasonable price. The keybed arrived a few days later and was fairly easy to install. My P12 is now as good as new. Top class service!

In my case, I probably also could have fixed the keybed with new contact strips from Syntaur, but it feels really good to have a completely new keybed, plus I still have to old one in case I need to harvest some parts in the future.

I'm having the same problem.  I can't seem to find any way to contact DSI support.  There are instructionals on how to repair certain issues, but nothing on the P12 and no contact options.  :-[
Prophet 12 / Re: Prophet 12 keybed upgrade? ... or repair options
« Last post by Joel57 on Yesterday at 02:06:45 PM »
First thing I'd do is contact DSI support. Be clear about what kind of uneven - physical unevenness? Velocity is not consistent? Some keys don't trigger at all or intermittently miss? Etc. They'll have the best knowledge of how to fix it and which parts will help.

Yeah, it's a mechanical uneveness.  Thanks for the suggestion.   I went to the support page but there is nothing listed on the P12 and no contact options that I can see. 
OB-6 / Re: Where to download the newest beta?
« Last post by smerny on Yesterday at 01:57:48 PM »
You have to be logged in for the links to appear at the bottom of the post.

Thanks, that did it!
OB-6 / How to filter out midi program change commands
« Last post by smerny on Yesterday at 01:57:08 PM »
My sequencer (Kronos -ugh...)wants to send an initialization program change to my OB6 when it starts a sequence.  Is there any way to prevent the OB6 from responding to this program change?  When I start the sequence OB goes to program 000.

Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: Aftertouch -- too sensitive?
« Last post by Qwave on Yesterday at 01:52:48 PM »
+1 from me.
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