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Off Topic / русские геи онлайн -
« Last post by ladkaphard on Today at 02:59:34 AM »
Off Topic / русские геи онлайн -
« Last post by ladkaphard on Today at 02:58:59 AM »
Off Topic / русские геи онлайн -
« Last post by ladkaphard on Today at 02:58:23 AM »
Other Hardware/Software / Re: Chipsynth OPS7
« Last post by chysn on Today at 02:15:29 AM »
I loved my DX7 Mk 1s. Ive owned maybe three over the years. It was fantastic in a rock band, with excellent Hammond- and Rhodes-like sounds. I painstakingly crafted an amazing acoustic piano patch, which was quite credible in a live mix.

I like the idea of a bit-accurate emulation, and I plan to give this a try. Thanks!
Pro 3 / Re: Load wavetables 1 by 1?
« Last post by jmg8 on Today at 02:05:42 AM »
Hey, thanks for this. I will check it out  :)
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Receiving program Change messages from an MPC
« Last post by joesh on Today at 02:02:50 AM »
Although it looks as though you're doing a lot more with your MPC than I did (I have a MPC 1000), I didn't have any problems such as those you describe. However, it did take a while to get all the MIDI setting correct so that everything worked (almost) smoothly.

I say almost smoothly, because as I set things up on the Rev2 Global menu, I often found that parameters were affected that I wasn't expecting, and, as your going backwards and forwards on the keyboard and Global parameters you often forget something, or not realise that it should be set differently.

As an example, make sure that your midi channels are set correctly between layer A and B. I often forgot, and ended up wondering why a sequence was being triggered. Or, that the correct (for you) clock was selected. It also took me quite a few tries to get the banks to change to where I wanted with  both the MPC and Reaper also.

Anyhow, one thing that would be really useful on the Rev2, would be a 'midi set' button, which once you have the parameters set, you press 'midi set' and it saves those settings. If you wish to return to your keyboard and not use midi anymore, you just de-select 'midi set'. This would save going backwards and forwards in the Global settings, which often leads to parameters being changed, which you then forget later when going back to midi (or the other way around).

Sorry if I can't be anymore helpful than that, I hope you find a solution. If not contact the DS team (via email), they're always very helpful and may well have a solution or explanation for you.
Prophet Rev2 / Midi Thru problem, or misunderstanding.
« Last post by joesh on Today at 01:49:14 AM »

I'm trying to use a Deluge to send information to a 1010 Bitbox Micro via midi thru on the REV2. However, for some reason the Rev2 keeps playing, even though I'm sending the messages (to the Bitbox) using different Midi channels than those selected on the Rev2. Is this normal, or have I forgotten to do something on the Rev2? Normally, I would have thought the Rev2 would ignore any information not travelling (as in this example) on Channel 1?

Just to be clear, here's the paths I'm using to test the two devices:

Deluge (sending Midi Channel 1) > Rev2
Deluge (sending on Midi Channel 10) > Rev2 Midi Thru > 1010 Bitbox

I should confirm that the Rev2 Sound Bank/Program is set to Midi channel 1.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Pro 3 / Re: Pro 3 filter LED flashing - normal?
« Last post by thedavydark on Today at 12:35:56 AM »
I contacted support who were super helpful. I got a new board, replaced it myself and everything is working great now.  :)
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