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OB-6 / Re: Ways of adding a 2nd Lfo
« Last post by shmuelyosef on Yesterday at 06:03:51 PM »
I think this will do the job nicely thank you sir!
Do you or anyone else have personal experience?...there are so many caveats about MIDI bandwidth that I'm wondering about taking the dive. I'm using a MOTU MidiExpress XT (better than MidiSports, but still wonky). Has been glitch-free
Other Hardware/Software / Re: ZEUS!
« Last post by BobTheDog on Yesterday at 01:39:37 PM »
Any guesses how much?

$6K and up is my guess.

Not the answer I was hoping for :)
OB-6 / Re: Power-cycling makes OB-6 forget which patch I was on?
« Last post by A Thousand Eyes on Yesterday at 12:58:15 PM »
Yes, it's normal. Every time you go into the globals it will remember the current patch you're on upon turning the unit back on.
Explanation of the Velocity and Pressure Curves: (This was posted on another thread by moderator cbmd, but it seems like it fits here...)
Curve 1: linear
Curve 2: 1.5 exponential, 0 offset
Curve 3: 2.2 exponential, 10 offset
Curve 4: compressed, 26 offset
Curve 5: custom curve, 33 offset
Curve 6: 1.5 exponential, 33 offset
Curve 7: 2.3 exponential, 50 offset
Curve 8: compressed, 33 offset

Curve 1: 3.0 exponential, 1 offset
Curve 2: 1.8 exponential, 1 offset
Curve 3: custom
Curve 4: 3.0 exponential, 1 offset
Note that the description for Pressure Curve 4 is not accurate but a correct description is not available.  Also from that thread, the following from support:
It's good to note that the velocity curves only affect the raw output of the keybed to the internal synth engine, and not received MIDI data. If you wanted to alter the velocity response coming out of the computer, you would do so in the computer.
OB-6 / Power-cycling makes OB-6 forget which patch I was on?
« Last post by Spacebat_Al on Yesterday at 11:51:41 AM »
Sorry if this is a dumb question but....

When I turn my OB-6 on it always shows patch 000. So if I was using Patch 002 today, then powered the OB-6 down at teh end of the day. When I power it up tomorrow I will see Patch 000 and not 002.

Is this normal behaviour? Or have I accidentally turned something on/off somehow.

Thanks for any advice (bit of a novice user here)! :-)
Prophet Rev2 / Re: Effects are not changing with program change
« Last post by jok3r on Yesterday at 11:10:16 AM »
That's unusual. I'm doing the same, sending Program Changes from my Kronos to Rev2 and everything works fine. Did you try to reset your Globals? I'm running the latest Beta firmware on my Rev2. Which version are you running?
OB-6 / Re: Ways of adding a 2nd Lfo
« Last post by Tele on Yesterday at 07:46:24 AM »
Prophet Rev2 / Effects are not changing with program change
« Last post by Logic Song on Yesterday at 06:48:40 AM »
I recently upgraded to the REV2 from a Prophet 08 . Connected the the REV2 via MIDI to my Kronos the same way I did with my 08. Programs change messages are sent out the Kronos to the REV2 and the REV2 is changing to the correct programs, (but the effects which are saved with the patch are not loading and the effect led is ON but not playing). Do I have to send another different MIDI message to the REV2 to get the effects to change along with the program? Anyone else have this issue?
Off Topic / Re: “Fading Bodies” New L.P. From S Y Z Y G Y X
« Last post by S Y Z Y G Y X on October 13, 2019, 06:38:57 PM »
Thanks Gerry!!  Means the world to us!!  Now come on the rest of you synth fanatics on this site....give S Y Z Y G Y X a blast...we are also on every single one of your favorite music streaming platforms, not only Bandcamp.  You all need to hear this music...listen to what sounds the  Rev2 can really basic cookie cutter sounds here with S Y Z Y G Y X . 
Off Topic / Re: “Fading Bodies” New L.P. From S Y Z Y G Y X
« Last post by Gerry Havinga on October 13, 2019, 10:48:32 AM »
Hello fellow DSI/Sequential friends 🙂 just want to do a little post here to let y’all know that S Y Z Y G Y X today, has just delivered our 2nd full length album, as a joint release between US label “Negative Gain Productions”, and German label “Cold Transmission”. 

We choose to post this here, as the majority of the sounds on our new album were created by us (Luna and Josh) on our Prophet REV2, and we would love for you to go and give our album, and S Y Z Y G Y X in general a blast here on Bandcamp ...

All our love,

Josh & Luna Blanc - S Y Z Y G Y X
I love it!!!!!
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