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Sequential Prophet X / Re: Deckard's Dream Sample and Preset Pack
« Last post by Shaw on Yesterday at 08:44:47 PM »
I've started sampling the Moog One.   You can grab a sample instrument and presets here:

For now, the one instrument I have to share is this:  "Deckard" which loads into User8\Piano\88.Deckard.

The linked zip file also contains a program .syx file which has 1 program with both A and B layers.

Obviously the Moog One is not a CS-80, but isn't the Bladerunner style patch obligatory?  :)
This patch is a nice example of combining the two Moog Filters: Ladder and SVF.   Also, the samples themselves are truly stereo, using slightly different versions of the same patch hard panned left and right within the Moog One.

Think of the “Arc” samples having a dynamic articulation that changes over the sample, as in a curve (or arc). So, instead of a single sustained sound, one that might evolve subtly. 8dio includes those type of samples throughout their sample libraries.

I think this is exactly it. If you notice with those samples there is a gradual build and decay. So I think you are 100% correct.
OB-6 / Using Soundtower app to edit sequences
« Last post by Tarekith on Yesterday at 07:11:58 PM »
Has anyone had any luck using the Soundtower editor when it comes to the OB-6 sequencer?  I can connect to it and edit notes fine, but no matter what I do I can't get them to save back to OB-6.  Send Patch to OB-6 via the editor, hitting save+preset location on the OB-6 itself, nada.  Any time I changes patches on the OB-6 and then go back to the one I was editing, the original notes reappear and my changes are gone. 

I've reached out to the Soundtower folks to make sure I'm not missing something super simple, but so far no reply.  Can anyone else do it successfully?  This is literally the only issue I have, everything else works great.
Pro 2 / Re: Pro-2 seems to be permanently stuck in sequence editor
« Last post by antoinedurr on Yesterday at 06:50:04 PM »
I've only had my Pro-2 for about 24 hours, and was going through the presets when at some point, half the panel knobs stopped editing the patch and now seem to be editing a sequence step, and this applies to every patch in the machine.  I can't change the filter as a live edit, nor can I change the global volume.  But when I do move either filter cutoff knob, the display shows me editing that in a sequencer step.

Came back to my Pro-2 and seems like I'm suddenly in a similar boat -- volume knob has no effect, every other patch when I hit a key suddenly jumps to sequence editor.  I tried resetting globals, but now will try to leave it off overnight.
Prophet Rev2 / Re: About 30% of my factory patches make no sound
« Last post by guyaguy on Yesterday at 01:36:49 PM »
Yes the light should indicate whether or not the patch has an arp or sequence. Patches with arp or seq but no clock would have been my first guess. Another thing you can check is if you’re in Multi Mode which uses the selected MIDI channel and the next higher one. Could your DAW be sending a MIDI signal on that channel, creating a loop? Might be worth disconnecting the DAW altogether and just connecting the controller to see if it’s something in the DAW routing or the unit itself.
Off Topic / Re: Single Synthesizer Challenge: Multi-Track Version
« Last post by Soundquest on Yesterday at 01:18:45 PM »
This is all Prophet 12, except the crash cymbal and bass drum.
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Piano sounds
« Last post by Derek Cook on Yesterday at 12:24:56 PM »

Piano sounds are very subjective , so my best recommendation is for you to try both keyboards out. One of my favourite piano sounds is still my trusty Yamaha EX5R and the stereo piano sound which really cuts through a mix when you are doing rock. In keyboard form the best piano sound I have heard remains my Korg Kronos and its acoustic  SGX2 piano engine (streamed, unlooped samples with sympathetic string resonance modelling). But Pianoteq in VST form beats it on some things. It really depends on what you want.

I can't comment on the Roland, but I have both a Montage 7 and and the Prophet X, and I would say that if you want a very general all around board with very good expressive pianos and loads of other realistic sounds, then I think I would recommend the Montage. It's analog synth sounds are pretty good as well. Not quite in the same league as Yamaha's AN modelling in my EX5 and AN1x, but the Montage is very SY77 like to me in that the combination of the AWM and FM engines  give you a huge amount of flexibility and can sound very organic - more than you would expect from a digital synth.

If you want a very deep analog synth that can also process sound samples, then it's the Prophet X.

Not sure if that helps or not.
Any news!??
Think of the “Arc” samples having a dynamic articulation that changes over the sample, as in a curve (or arc). So, instead of a single sustained sound, one that might evolve subtly. 8dio includes those type of samples throughout their sample libraries.
Mopho X4 / Re: Organizing programs on the Mopho x 4
« Last post by martenot on Yesterday at 06:55:45 AM »
I've found no way to rearrange the factory patches, so I approached it a little differently. I took the patch list and went through each of them to sign them with the type of sound and describe the character shortly. Having done that, I chose a collection of sounds that I especially like and made my own lists of keys, pads, basses etc. You may find it useful too, so let me share it with you:
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