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Prophet Rev2 / Prophet Rev 2 noise
« Last post by Cabeman94 on Today at 04:03:26 PM »
Hey all ! just got a new (to me) rev 2 and am loving it only i can hear high pitch 'metallic' artifacts on note off when playing. I've managed to troubleshoot it to the lower notes and dialled in to certain shorter release time and cut off so its a specific but relatively broad area of the synth that i hear it . it should also be noted that the posted audio is line in and coming from the synth engine itself not the keyboard as i hooked up a midi keyboard and got the same results. I contacted the previous owner and the synth is under a year old 

edit: i have also tried calibrating several times and changing power sources  to no avail firmware is
Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: Prophet 10 rev4 Amplifier Release
« Last post by LPF83 on Today at 03:01:18 PM »
Hi y'all, just got a prophet 10. So happy with it sitting above my Rhodes.
Hoping y'all could help with a sanity check-
Does the Amplifier Release knob only start to kick in noticeably around the 5 mark (center)?
Main OS 2.0.1 | Panel 1.1.1

I'm coming from software synths so please excuse my ignorance, I'm all ears on any info or resources.

I can hear a small amount of release coming in at around the 3 mark (gotta listen carefully on short burst sounds though).  But yeah, the center mark is where a "normal" amount of release starts to be felt.  For fun I compared it to the Arturia and U-he Prophet emulations, and they all three similar in where the release is heard.  Interestingly though the Arturia max release time was about 10 seconds, the P10 about 30 seconds, and Repro 5 was just under a full minute.
Is there an updated MIDI spec for OS 2.0? I couldnít see anything for chord mode or poly unison in the chart.

Also, what is NRPN 55-64 (Unison Note) for? Itís not the voice count. 
Pro 3 / Re: Pro 3 Suddenly Distorting sound/Holding Notes
« Last post by ToyKeeper on Today at 09:43:29 AM »
I had this happen last week too.  Not sure why; it's the only time I've encountered it.  I was just playing, and suddenly it got very loud and distorted...  so I touched the main volume knob and it reset to the level I had previously been using.

I've had occasional other issues with values jumping though.  Had to replace the mainboard on my synth because of it.  That issue is quite a bit better now, but not completely absent.  Every once in a while, I'll have a parameter jump to a new value without being touched...  and occasionally when I turn the synth on, it fails to calibrate the touch strip, so it acts like I always have a finger on it at one end or the other.  But a quick power cycle has always resolved the issue.

It seems there is a bit of electrical noise (perhaps from my unfiltered mains power) causing spurious readings when the main board checks the position of its input devices.  The new board increased a resistor value to dampen the spikes, and it mostly worked, but it may perhaps not be dampened quite enough to eliminate the issue completely.

At some point, I should try a power conditioner to see if it it eliminates this sort of issue.  It would probably also help with other things, like reducing my noise floor.  But that's an expense for some other day in the future.
Pro 3 / Re: Pro3 as companion to Take 5?
« Last post by ToyKeeper on Today at 09:30:36 AM »
Would the Pro 3 and Take 5 work well together for ambient/atmospheric music? (Here's a sample of the tracks I've produced:

These would be my first Sequential synths, so I'd be interested in any advice.

I can definitely recommend the Pro 3.  It's probably the best mono synth on the market.  It does just about everything one would want to do with a mono synth, and it's almost as versatile as a eurorack in a box.  It does all sorts of stuff which would work great for ambient, along with almost any other genre.  If you don't mind recording one part at a time and stacking them, a Pro 3 may be all you need... it's easy to build entire songs with.

The Take 5 is a nice synth too, but it's designed to be simple and relatively inexpensive, rather than prioritizing power and versatility.  It's not built for doing complex ambient tones... it's built for more traditional sounds -- for musicians who have acoustic instruments and want to add their first synth.

If you want a poly synth with deep sound design which does really crazy stuff, ambient tones where you can press a few keys and then just hold them (and maybe turn knobs) while the tone evolves for a long time, you might want to consider a Hydrasynth.  Or a Peak/Summit is great too, with a juicier core sound but less convenient mod routing.

On another note, it's usually a good idea to only get one new instrument at a time... and then dive deep and learn it really thoroughly before considering the next purchase.  Getting two at once is often a recipe for feeling unsatisfied with one or both.
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Bluewave presets only partially loading
« Last post by blipson on Today at 07:20:13 AM »
Mine reports M:2.2.0, DSP:, FPGA: 1.0
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Bluewave presets only partially loading
« Last post by Derek Cook on Today at 07:11:47 AM »

Have you updated to the latest OS for the PX? It has resolved a lot of MIDI SYSEX issues (well for me, anyway)
Hello everyone,

I'm hoping to get 2 sets of byte dumps from someone with an OB-6. I'd like the bytes received from a program dump request, as well as the bytes from a program edit buffer dump request. I'm hoping to get byte dumps from the factory bank of the first program, Welcome Back Tom!. I'd like to poke around the byte dumps to see where the program name lives for an app I'm working on.

The desktop app I'm working on will allow you to manage your patches. It's similar to the wonderful KnobKraft ORM application, but with more of a focus on managing the different versions of a program. You could save, edit, and load program data or edit buffer data to your heart's content.
It's all still in development (slowly though, as this is not my day job  :) ), but it is mostly working for the Prophet X & Prophet Rev2. I plan to release it for free once I have it working for as many Sequential synths as I can.

Hi Sig,

glad you like my KnobKraft Orm! I wanted to point out the KnobKraft code to process and create the edit buffer dumps for the OB6, but I'm sure you already found the code! I am actually looking for help on the KnobKraft code, so maybe we could join forces? I have so many ideas on how to extend the program that I'll need more than one life to do it all on my own, as this is also not my day job as you can imagine. Just an idea ;-)

Interested to see what you'll come up with!

Prophet Rev2 / Re: VCM ++ Volume 2 Soundset for Prophet Rev 2
« Last post by creativespiral on Yesterday at 07:24:30 PM »
Thanks @Jason, @General_MIDI, @jg666 !!

Appreciate your patronage!  Hope you get lots of enjoyment out of the sounds.  I've had a great time making them.

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