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Nice. I can't imagine people paying for my app, but I used to have a JX-10. I could've used a program like that - though it would have to run on something a little more modern  ;)
Prophet Rev2 / Global MIDI Clock Mode
« Last post by Logic Song on Today at 05:54:27 PM »
Anybody! Stranger Things are happening to my REV2 in Global mode. According to the manual, I should have...
MIDI Clock Mode:
• Off: MIDI Clock is neither sent nor received
• Master: MIDI Clock is sent, but not received.
• Slave: MIDI Clock is received, but not sent.
• Slave Thru: MIDI Clock is received and passed to MIDI Out
• Slave No S/S (no start and stop): Receives MIDI Clock but does not respond to MIDI Start or Stop command.

Here are the Global/ MIDI Clock modes on my REV2. Shouldn't they say Slave?
1. Off
2. Out
3. In
4. In Thru
5. In No S/S

I want to Slave the REV2 to a Korg Kronos sequence, but do I have missing midi clock modes? I have always been able to Slave the REV2 to a sequencer or DAW for arps and LFOs. I did reset my globals. The REV2 is set to receive on MIDI ch. 16. Could that have something to do with it? Thanks.
Nice looking piece of work. I will give it a shot at some point. One of the first things I wrote in 1982 was a sysex patch transformer and editor for the Roland JX-8p. I sold a lot of them. Ran on the Apple II and the Commodore. These tools are handy as I too am always trying NOT to overwrite programs.. unsuccessfully sometimes. When I started with Sequencers I would often just keep the patches in the workstation and just send them down when needed. Never lost one after that. Thanks for the work.
OB-6 / Output Damage?
« Last post by Clb84 on Today at 08:09:28 AM »
I accidently did something dumb and mistakenly connected the output of an opsix I was playing to the output of the ob-6 through a patchbay. Somehow I had the opsix signal split between the input of a preamp and the output of the ob-6. I didn't realize this until after I had been playing 5-10 minutes. The ob-6 was turned off during this. Ob-6 seems to be working okay, but I'm worried I might have fried something on the output stage of the ob-6 by running a line level signal into the outputs. Should I be worried?
Prophet Rev2 / Re: LFO Offset
« Last post by maxter on Today at 05:05:17 AM »
Well, not very straight-forward, but it’s possible... it may drift out of phase eventually, depending on how well the sync source and the Rev2’s clocks match.

You’ll have to trigger the voices you want running with LFO key sync ON, synced to the source. Then you turn the LFO key sync OFF, with the source still running... so that the voices LFOs aren’t actually synced, but free-running at whatever BPM they’re clock-synced to.

If you want all voices to behave like one global LFO, turn unison ON and enable all unison voices, 8 or 16, hit a key, and then turn unison off again. If not, you’ll have to trigger the voices separately with your DAW or whatever, an arpeggiator or sequencer with the phase offsets you want. 8ths, 16ths, or why not a rhythmical pattern...? You can get some REALLY cool results this way... but you can’t stop the clock source from running, if it’s an external arpeggiator for instance, always keep it running...

Possible to do consequetively (is that word even english?  :o ) with each LFO separately too, so EVERY voice has each of their 4 LFOs set to different phases, free-running but still in sync... It’s quite tedious to set up, but as I said it makes for some REALLY cool results. Especially when using the onboard gated sequencers set to other, different rhythmical and melodical patterns. It’s ”magical”. :)
OB-X8 / Re: Track with just the Oberheim OB-X8
« Last post by LPF83 on Today at 04:37:49 AM »
As well as Custom Patches, I decided to do a Track using just the OB-X8, besides...Turned out pretty good :)

Thanks for this...  I think tracks done entirely with a single synth are a great way to get a feel for the vibe of that synth.  You should write music more often :)
OB-X8 / Firmware update feature requests/bugs
« Last post by JimDaneker on Yesterday at 05:48:36 PM »
On day 3 with this beast and starting to discover a few things that I hope might be addressed in a firmware update. Thought I'd start a thread here so people can add to it! My unit is on OS as of these notes:

1. It would be great to have the screen show parameter/value changes when operating controls. It shows value changes in Page 2 mode, but it would be great in normal mode too.

2. It would be WONDERFUL to be able to cycle through all 6 filter models without having to enter Page 2, and display them on the OLED as you do that.  Instead of the filter LEDs just being dark for the Page 2 modes, maybe they could blink in different ways to indicate the SEM modes?

3. We need a linked mode to edit both layers simultaneously when in Double mode; as of now you can only edit one layer at a time.

4. Transpose should go more than 1 octave in each direction... at least two?

5. The Arpeggiator should show a BPM display when spinning the Rate knob

6. Is it possible to swap pitch & mod levers in software? 40 years of pitch bend on the left and mod on the right is really tough to unlearn ;-)

7. Pan Mode (Page 2) doesn’t transmit any MIDI CC when you change it - it only sends NRPN. This happens in both single and Double modes.

8. The sustain pedal doesn’t work when the arpeggiator is running. Maybe I'm missing something with how that works?

9. There’s a user on the big GS thread (Mr Analog) who made an excellent list of other ideas that could make the Page 2 parameters much faster/easier to access…

Pro 3 / Re: Two MIDI outs
« Last post by creativespiral on Yesterday at 04:47:57 PM »
I've always been curious why Sequential chose to put two MIDI outs on the Pro 3. (Not including USB of course.) Anyone know the thinking behind it, or make use of both ports?

The built in P3 sequencer is super capable...  with 16 tracks X 16 steps X 4 phrases... likely decided on two MIDI Outs just to give users extra options for sequencing outboard gear.  (along with the CVs)   You can set the destination of any given track to either MIDI port, with a variety of output options. 
Hello everyone. About a year ago I was workshopping a patch on my Prophet XL and felt intimidated to stray too far from the original sound. Saving/finding copies of a patch on most synths is a pain and my memory isn't good enough to remember every little change.

So I wrote a little program that saves and loads the patches for me. I named it Patchup.
I think there's a saying about how software is never done, so I spent a good chunk of my free time over the last year iterating on Patchup. It'll work with any MIDI device, but there's some special functionality built in just for the Prophet X. For example, a single button press to send a request program edit buffer data dump. The responses are automatically saved as a new patch.

Today I've decided I can't justify dumping any more time into a program that only I use, so I've released it to the Microsoft store. It's a Windows app for now. The front end was written in React Native (as well as most of the business logic) so maybe one day I'll write a MacOS, iOS, Android, and browser version (shout-out to web assembly).

It's free, and all your data is saved locally so no need for a user account or an internet connection. You can save patches into folders and load them with a single press. You can rename them, add notes, edit the sysex directly (be careful), and more.

It'd be wonderful if you can try it out. It would be mildly heroic if you can provide feedback. Thank you.
Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: Prophet 10 audio clipping
« Last post by LPF83 on Yesterday at 03:51:59 PM »
The volume knob setting might be interesting enough to be its own topic apart from the "audio clipping" topic? There might be interesting issues as to how people gain stage volume with pedals or in other contexts?

I have my template default track settings gain staged to -16db in Cubase for pregain (though realistically it almost always gets turned up... that's more for getting more precise resolution out of the gain slider than anything else).  Usually it's just a matter of adjusting the master vol on the P10 in conjunction with the knobs for the preamps on my audio interface.
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