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Hi guys,

In a world where new synth is released each quarter it seems the Prophet-6 (released 2015) is an oldie, but it just keeps giving so many new sounds and unique flavors that I felt I had to make a demo of it.

This is the soundset that I have created:

If you ask me about the genre, I'll say there is none: it's a wide variety of custom patches (150 in total). Some are bread & butter, some offbeat; they're the result of me experimenting with the Prophet-6 and trying to find its outer limits. The patches are ready-to-use in music or can serve as starting points; you can find the textures or the dynamics that you like and tweak them to suit your exact taste or purpose. I tried not to include patches that would overlap with any other soundsets out there (synthwave, recreations / nailing down the classics, etc), so 90% of my patches should be original-sounding to you, I hope.

The videos are divided into chapters so you can jump between the sounds to quickly judge & find the ones that you like.

Please visit my website (link in my profile) or watch the videos on Youtube and read the video description for details on how to buy.

Other Hardware/Software / Re: The Traveling Synthesist
« Last post by LPF83 on Yesterday at 04:56:52 PM »
I really need to thank Chysn for starting this thread.  With my upcoming trip (the first one of such a long duration since before the pandemic), it has helped me think about all the ways I can minimize missing the fullsize hardware in my studio while I'm on the road and get creative with my setup.

The Akai MPC Live2 has been a real game changer.. the workflow is a little weird until you get used to it, but once you do it's an incredibly fast DAW, the best sampler I've ever used, and the battery+speaker thing and just being able to put it in your lap anywhere and create leads to all sorts of new musical ideas and inspiration.  I'm a GenX'er,so no... I haven't drank some YoutubeKoolaid here and did it because it would make me feel hip, I stumbled on all of this almost accidentally in planning a travel setup.  But wow, the results.  I've had Maschine for like 10 years, which has always been great for drums, but as a sampler or sequencer I never clicked with it...  I have a totally different kind of musical connection with the MPC.  I always thought of these as devices that favored hiphop and trap which are not my genres, but I was wrong about all of that.  They are just great drum machines (even for vintage sounds), world class samplers, a complete mobile DAW, and I now "get it".  My journey with the MPC should probably be another thread because its a journey in itself... its become more than just a travel device.. But I'm still learning it so yeah maybe that will be a spin off thread.

So with the MPC opening my eyes to how complete my travel setup could potentially be, I spent some time with the JP-8080 connected to it.  It's a little weird to connect a vintage desktop synth (that's larger than the MPC Live 2 itself) with a tiny keyboard like the Akai MPK Mini Plus... it sort of makes one feel like they've gotten their priorities all wrong :)   But I started thinking about deciding of my desktop synths would make good travel companions for the upcoming trip?  The JP-8080 is not a good candidate, being a vintage piece of gear that's rapidly increasing in value and just overall a little too large for hotel rooms, it's really a studio piece.  The Virus TI2 desktop (as powerful and multitimbral as it is) would be a canidate, but I'm so used to programming it via the plugin (how I think it was designed to be used) that I started thinking past it.  Hydrasynth desktop, now there's a very hands on synth and I may still take it with me..  It is sort of begging to be sampled into the MPC..  I saw in one of the videos the guy from Synclavier saying a Hydrasynth was used as a basis some of the wavetables on their new synth.. thought that spoke highly of the Hydrasynth.  But its still large and the table I will be working with in the hotel room is not huge.

So, mostly for travel purposes and to inject some nice vintage synth polyphony into the MPC with a small footprint, I got a Roland JU-06a.  Prior to this I was actually pissed at Roland for not doing proper analog reissues of their old synths (and I would still like to see them tackle this), but I have to say the JU-06a is a very travel friendly little gem, so compact and while the sliders are tiny, they are quite effective (and for even better control, I have 8 knobs with very usuable travel on the Akai MPK Mini Plus).  I of course still prefer my System-8 when in the studio and seeking the Roland sound, but even a 49key keyboard is out of the question for this trip, so I'm thrilled to have an Juno 60 and 106 (there's a toggle switch) in such a tiny yet usable form factor.  4 voices on such a nice sounding synth is actually a huge asset when working with mobile limitations, even though I consider 4 voices to be very limiting for a studio poly.  $325 out the door (with a few Amazon points applied) for a new one didn't feel like a bad sting, given I sold a Juno 106 that needed repairs for $375 back in 1990, and as a mobile synth its really a powerhouse.   Completely USB powered so no wall wart (or batteries if you prefer) is also a good thing when traveling.

So right now, my planned travel setup for January is looking like this:
- MPC Live2 running Mini D, OPX-4 and Fabric XL plugins (additional cost but well worth it).  I have most of the other good plugins for it too but haven't explored them yet, I wanted lots of elbow room for learning on the trip..  Using Mini D (Model D emulation) and OPX-4 (FM synth) a lot.  Fabric XL is kind of like Omnisphere on the go.  OPX-4 apparently doesn't have a manual but is well worth learning, there's a great Youtube tutorial that will get anyone up to speed in 20-30 mins.
- Roland JU-06a
- Laptop with Ableton and lots of plugins (more of a Cubase guy really but Ableton is very laptop friendly and quick to hash out ideas, I can always export to Cubase for better sound / instrument integration later)
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (this was another travel specific purchase...  powers straight off the USB hub of the laptop!  Again one less wall wart)
- Akai MPK Mini Plus (still not a big fan of the key action, but the wheels, knobs and overall value proposition makes it a winner in the travel domain)

Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: using software to add extra LFOs and envelopes
« Last post by 16bitsound on Yesterday at 04:32:26 PM »
Dont forget the Low Frequency Expander from Steve Hunt, another great way to add some modulations
OB-6 / Re: Assigning Pitch Wheel control to single VCO
« Last post by Quatschmacher on Yesterday at 02:57:55 PM »

Does anyone know if it is possible to assign the Pitch Wheel so that it affects only a single VCO instead of both? I am assuming it is not natively possible on OB-6 like with the OB-Xa, which has an (OSC-2 Only) button to allow the Pitch Bend bars to affect only Oscillator-2. However, would it be possible to achieve this functionality through MIDI or NRPN control messages and external controller?       

Could probably be done with the Yoricktech Low Frequency Expander or another unit which allows incoming MIDI messages to be translated into other MIDI messages. Then you could turn local control off, pipe the MIDI signals out of the synth, into the external unit and back into the synth.
OB-6 / Assigning Pitch Wheel control to single VCO
« Last post by EioN on Yesterday at 02:19:50 PM »

Does anyone know if it is possible to assign the Pitch Wheel so that it affects only a single VCO instead of both? I am assuming it is not natively possible on OB-6 like with the OB-Xa, which has an (OSC-2 Only) button to allow the Pitch Bend bars to affect only Oscillator-2. However, would it be possible to achieve this functionality through MIDI or NRPN control messages and external controller?       


Pro 3 / Re: Pro3Panel_v1.1.0.12 done, now all lights on
« Last post by gus on Yesterday at 12:25:18 PM »
Pro 3 Panel OS v1.1.0.13 is now on the main website. We advise running the latest main and panel OS, which can be loaded in any order (remember to power cycle after any single, completed OS load).

If anyone has issues updating the OS, please reach out to directly.
Off Topic / Re: Your Music
« Last post by Manbird on Yesterday at 12:15:11 PM »
Hi all - my newest, Antronica 4 vs The Spoken Word is out today, a download-only release on Bandcamp. This one probably covers more ground than most other material I post here. Of the lead-off track, one customer writes: "That's some serious analog synthy goodness right there." Prophet 5 and 6, Pro One, ARP Odyssey, Moog Grandmother will have that effect!

There's also a load of more experimental work - very sample-based, hence the Spoken Word part of the album's name. I've got samples of Peter and Darrin from Ciat Lombarde and Patch Point, respsectively, sampled over Tago Mago inspired drumming. There's Colin Moulding of XTC talking Berlin. My ex-wife sent me some sleep-talk recordings taken with her sleep app. It's an all over the place album. The record concludes with yer standard model stoned late night jam, with the Roland System 8 and TR-6S getting a workout. Each track has a listing of the various bits of gear used. The Prophet 5 and 6 do much heavy throughout.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for your time...

OB-6 / Re: OB-6 Music
« Last post by generalkustard on Yesterday at 08:13:16 AM »
Evolver / Re: Midi Volume received on all channels?
« Last post by oortone on Yesterday at 07:10:48 AM »
Talking to myself I might add that diving deeper inte this it seems to me the Mono Evolver Key receives midi cc on all midi channels all the time regardless of midi channel setting.

Would be interesting to get this confirmed. I can not see I've missed any midi related setting other than having the Midi CC send/recieve active.
Prophet-5/Prophet-10 / Re: Weird Amp Release Curve
« Last post by Soundsdivine on Yesterday at 06:24:25 AM »
No problem here. Itīs just like the original. Compared it to a rev. 3

I see. Thanks Dr.Sax.

Still , I'd like to see a way to modify the envelope curves per patch. They're mostly pretty good for shorter pluckier shapes, but at longer release times , I find them weird.

It is possible to use alternate envelope curves via midi, per hardware or software. But unfortunately not in the box.Just see the post "using software to add extra LFOs and envelopes"
Also the LFE might be something for you:


Had a look at the LFE, but at over €1k for the last run I dont think its great value. Im looking at the Befaco VCMC to integrate with the modular instead.
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