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Pro 3 / Re: Mod Matrix - analog or digital?
« Last post by Razmo on Yesterday at 09:32:28 PM »
I have been wondering about this too, and asked about it some time ago, but I did not get a reply (about the sampling rate of the mod matrix, so I guess it is at the same rate as P12 and PRO2, which seems to be at about 11Khz or 22 because of Nyquist rates)

I am fairly certain though, that the oscillator signals are converted to digital because otherwise it would make one hell of a routing analog circuit when you have 32 different destinations slots... The oscillators are clearly digitized (they are available as sources for control purposes) , and these are then used to modulate the destinations. I bet each analog parameter like cutoff, osc pitch etc. Have one DAC associated with it, and that this one number holds the sum of all modulations done to it from various sources. I think the mod matrix would be very hard to do in the analog domain. Many destinations are both digital and analog in nature, and would not allow for connection without a bunch of convertion cucuits... If all is kept digital, and all control sources are converted to digital before entering the matrix, then all would be compatible in the digital domain all the way thru, untill an end modulation can be Delivered to any destination accessible, and those destinations being analog in nature only need to convert this number to analog before hitting the parameter.
Pro 3 / Mod Matrix - analog or digital?
« Last post by drxcm on Yesterday at 08:30:36 PM »
Curious about the mod matrix

Eg If I FM Oscillator 1 with Oscillator 2, is this a direct analog routing, or is there some audio rate digital conversion happening in the mod matrix?

What about if I route Oscillator 1 to a CV output - is it a direct analog out from the oscillator or is this digitised somehow?

What is the 'audio rate mod matrix' running at in terms of sample rate, bit depth if it is digital?
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Skylife SampleRobot
« Last post by Lady Gaia on Yesterday at 05:55:43 PM »
Others have covered most of the territory, but there are likely a few other subtleties.  Being able to control how stereo sounds are collapsed to mono (mix both channels, left only, or right only) leaps to mind.  I canít remember if SampleRobot give you fine control over tuning on a per-sample basis, but PXToolkit also lets you adjust out-of-tune samples in cent increments.  Getting even more esoteric, you can use the same sample file more than once in an instrument without duplicating the sample data (useful for skewing the odds in a round-robin situation, but doubtless also in other situations I havenít completely explored.)

These kinds of things are easier to accommodate in a tool built for a specific instrument and its export format rather than software designed to target a range of instruments.
Pro 3 / Re: Pro 3 Review
« Last post by J_P_P on Yesterday at 02:26:28 PM »
I'll check this evening and report back!

So any conclusion about it ?
Off Topic / Re: Your Music
« Last post by Ant of 12047 on Yesterday at 11:15:35 AM »
Aw, come on now, fellas.  As strange as it might have seemed, that sample and hold effect represented the rocks tumbling down the ravine.  Okay, so maybe I went too far with it.... :-[ 

My next piece will be all white noise.

Dare ya! (Seriously, I've wanted to try that, but the best laid plans of white noise mice etc...)
Off Topic / Re: Your Music
« Last post by Ant of 12047 on Yesterday at 11:07:48 AM »


 That synth part reminds me of early Devo synth sound, which is a good thing.   Hey, I gotta agree with you on Sacred Synthesis's waterfall throwing us for a loop  :D   But I really like the sounds he pulled out of the PO8 at 2:40. 


Probably blasphemous for me to say here, but I recently sold my P08. Don't kick me outta the forum ;)  I still have my P12, Pro 2, OB6 and PEK and they aren't going anywhere.      Actually selling it was sort of sad, being it was my first "real" synth.  I found I just wasn't using it much anymore and I needed the room quite frankly.    Seems like ages ago, but I'll never forget the anticipation waiting for the UPS driver to show up with the PO8.  It took a month because it got lost in shipment!   Anyway... I had a Korg R3 and Novation K station at the time, so PO8 taught me about analog.  I sold the Korg like a month later because it sounded so thin to me ;D


Funny, but I just got back into DEVO last month, not kidding. In the midst of "nothing but acid folk from 1971" kick, I  found a DEVO greatest hits CD in an antique shop for $3 and thought, well, this will last a spin or two. Instead, my girlfriend and I became obsessed, so perhaps no surprise the synth tones rubbed off. I really love their tight, clean bass patches especially. My nickname in high school was Mothersbaugh Spud, it has to be said!

I miss my R3, I *think*. It had a few really nice patches, like the string synth and Wurli-ish thing. I brought it to a band gig and it just didn't fly, sonically, though, and thus I sold it. It did have some odd charm, though, but doesn't ANY synth?
Pro 3 / Re: Sequential Pro 3 Introduction
« Last post by Quatschmacher on Yesterday at 10:50:58 AM »
Looking forward to hopefully trying one out tomorrow.
Off Topic / Re: Your Music
« Last post by Sacred Synthesis on Yesterday at 10:06:58 AM »
Aw, come on now, fellas.  As strange as it might have seemed, that sample and hold effect represented the rocks tumbling down the ravine.  Okay, so maybe I went too far with it.... :-[ 

My next piece will be all white noise.
Pro 3 / Re: What Eurorack Modules do you plan for your PRO3?
« Last post by Razmo on Yesterday at 10:06:01 AM »
Its made by Dave Rossum... The king of Samplers (E-mu systems) so it is only logical... Also being the father of the SSM chips does not make it any better.

The Ultra samplers are still to this day the best sounding 100% digital samplers, period! All of the custom chips that went into them, and patented interpolation algorithm is part of the mojo.
Sequential Prophet X / Re: Skylife SampleRobot
« Last post by Shaw on Yesterday at 09:46:27 AM »
SampleRobot does not yet support round robin samples, but Lady Gaia's PXToolkit does.

If you don't need round robin samples and the SampleRobot workflow works for you, then stick with it.
Also, PXToolkit allows you to be much more flexible with velocity layers ó i.e. they donít all have to switch at the same velocity level across the keyboard.
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