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Title: Cool Programming Trick!
Post by: tommym on June 10, 2019, 07:23:55 AM
Often, I'm deep into an edit, and then, when I press COMPARE, can't decide whether I prefer the edit to the original!
A lot of you guys probably already do this, but here's what I didn't think would work, but it does:

1. with your edit active, press the "Edit B Layer" button
2. press the 3rd soft key "Swap A<-> B"  - now your edit is not the active layer, and probably on the lower line of the display.
3. slowly turn the 1st soft KNOB one click, so that the original (unedited) sound is active on the upper line.

Now you have BOTH your edit, and the original, distributed on the 2 layers (of course this won't work if you were editing a layer/split sound to begin with.) I saved the patch this way, with the edit as the active layer, and the "Stack" button OFF. I can easily stack with one button press, and I can also recall the pre-edit patch by hitting the "Edit B Layer" button without having to go up 4 banks, (to the Factory's) and hope that it's the same unedited sound (in other words, that I wasn't working with a previously edited and saved sound, to begin with.)

afterthought: following that procedure, the name on the saved Program might need to be edited. One way to retain the original name is to Swap A<->B once again, and then Save again. Now your edit will be in the A layer, but everything should work about the same, with the Program's original name: the old pre-edited sound is now in Layer B, and you still access it by hitting "Edit B Layer" and the Stack button, if pressed, will still give you the same 4-voice sound.