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Title: Sequencer behaviour when changing patches.
Post by: LoboLives on February 08, 2019, 01:44:52 PM
It’s a bit of a loaded question/request but one thing I love on the P6 is being able to have the sequencer running and alternating between patches which in turn alternates between different sequences. On the PX, this doesn’t happen. Switching patches just stops the sequencer entirely. It would be a great performance aspect to have, especially on drum based patches. Alternating between sequences and patches with no interruption.

I also noticed that in a split based patch, when I select “Edit Layer B” there is a slight and awkward pause if the sequencer on Layer A is playing.

Is there a way to implement this or somehow improve these awkward pauses or sequencer behaviour with an OS update or is it just the way the samples are implemented that it’s not possible?