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Title: Channel-Per-Note / Multi Mode
Post by: nathan.backous on February 07, 2016, 09:21:02 AM
I've made some Channel-Per-Note combos on a Tetra that interplay nicely with the Channel-Per-Note controller I have (Linnstrument).

Building the combo with four copies of the same program isn't too bad from the front panel after you develop a work flow. Of course, any edits you'll want to do with the patches should be done on the one you copied from, then you'll have to copy the original back into the combo.

I've also noticed that if I have the Tetra in Program mode with Multi Mode turned off, change to a single timbre program and then turn Multi Mode on, that Channel Per Note is working without having to build a combo. Of course, if you edit that Program or change to a different Program, you no longer have a 4 voice/timbre channel-per-note combo. The edits are only reflected on one of the voices and if you change programs some of the voices are assigned to the previous program and some are assigned to the new one. I haven't really figured out the rhyme or reason of it.

Is there a quick way I could dedicate the same Program to all four MIDI channels without building a Combo? Furthermore, would it be possible for edits of that Program to affect all four timbres/voices and when changing to a different Program, that new program would populate all four of the voices again?

I realize that the Tetra is out of production, but I was wondering if there was a firmware that was under development that added a better Channel Per Note experience to the Tetra?

Of note, I'm not using a computer, I'm just using the Linnstrument controller directly into the Tetra.
Title: Re: Channel-Per-Note / Multi Mode
Post by: lokki on July 21, 2016, 02:52:05 PM
hi there, i am planning to the same thing with a self built midi controller. it is built like an electric bass, but all midi. it uses the same one channel per string that you describe. so i will let you know, when i find some better way then you describe. which firmware/os version are you on? i think there were some improvements made in the latest updates.