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Title: OB-6 and Logic Pro Settings
Post by: BlackCatalogue on August 29, 2018, 02:36:24 AM
Been having issues using Logic Pro X and my OB since I got the synth. I'm sure some of it has been pilot error, yes. However I seem to run into similar issues quite a bit. I would like to play midi notes *into* Logic using my OB while the synth is sync'd to the project tempo, and then record the audio from the chosen patch from the OB into an audio channel. Can someone once and for all share with us exactly what settings one would need for this? I will set an appointment with a tattoo shop asap :D

Also, a final question: in Logic's MIDI project settings dialog, can someone explain what the correct settings should be for this section. Screenshot attached. I've never understood what the selections in the Mode dropdown are for. Thx!