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Title: Poly Seq Record: No MIDI-in separation in Multi Mode
Post by: Kai-vD on December 23, 2017, 09:34:08 PM
Is this a bug?

For example, the setting:

My externel sequencer sends MIDI-notes only on channel 1.

My Rev2 is in Multi Mode, the base channel is set to 1, so that layer A receives the notes from my external sequencer, and layer B is automaticly set to channel 2.

So far, so good. BUT: When I switch on "Edit Layer B" and then press "RECORD" the incoming external MIDI-notes rush in to the recording of layer B! - although this should only receive signals on MIDI-channel 2!? Right?

("Stack A+B" is not activated; "Split A/B" doesn't seem to have any impact on this issue weather activated or not)

That means, that - while layer A is receiving external MIDI-notes -:

a) I can't record a Poly Seq on layer B

b) - more worse - I can't even transpose a (before recorded) Poly Seq on Layer B, as this also requiers a (short) pressing of the RECORD-button, and that causes that the incoming MIDI-notes on channel 1 are mixed with the key-note I press on the keyboard intending to transpose the sequence. The result of the transpose is therefor messed up.

Do you know what I mean? I'm I overlooking something?