receive program change issues

receive program change issues
« on: March 27, 2023, 01:11:04 PM »

When sending program changes from my Nord Stage 3 to the REV2, the sound changes accordingly to the desired new preset, but strange enough I can't see the program changing on the REV2's screen. Strange enough the program number stays on the previous one, and when editing the sound and saving after that, the changes are saved to the previous preset and NOT to the desired preset that you actually hear!

So for example,

'Preset 1' on my NS3 has program number 25 of a specific bank of the REV2 assigned.
'Preset 2' on my NS3 has program number 94 of a the same bank of the REV2 assigned.

when changing Preset 1 to Preset 2 on my NS3, I hear the REV2"s sound of program 25 changing to that of program 94. But, the display still shows program 25. I tweak some settings and want to save them to the sound I hear (thinking that I'm on program 94 and thus saving to 94), but strange enough program 25 gets overwritten by the edited sound of 94!!

This is so confusing and it took me a loot of time to realize what actually was going on. I've even messed up a couple of presets before a live show, because I didn't know I was not saving to the right preset.

Now I can work around by being very careful when saving, but this is really annoying.

Are there other folks that have the same issue? Is there a solution or will this bug ever be fixed or is this the latest O.S. that's never going to be updated anymore?


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