Tempest FINAL OS - Main and Voice 1.5


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Tempest FINAL OS - Main and Voice 1.5
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:15:02 PM »
Here is the new Tempest beta release. Please note, you need to update both the Main and Voice OS if you do not already have Voice 1.5 installed.

Our normal changelog is below, and immediately following this post is a write-up from Roger that organizes the bug fixes in relation to the petition for reference. Please post any new bugs to the sticky'd Bug Reporting thread so we can track them for the official release.

Note that we’ve locked this thread so people don’t have to search through lots of pages to find the first post containing the download. But we’ve created a new thread immediately following this thread for you to post any bug reports. Thanks for your help in testing!

Not that we're expecting bad things to happen, but always better safe than sorry. Just remember, you're never going to say to yourself "Man, I wish I hadn't backed that up..."

We do not recommend using the following MIDI interfaces for sysex transfers as we have had multiple users experience problems with them:
  • Native Instruments Maschine
  • Digidesign Mbox/Mbox2
  • Digidesign 001/002

To check if the OS update was properly installed, restart the unit and press the "system" button.  Navigate to the "show system information" menu item and select the menu item.  The currently loaded Main, Voice, SAM, and Panel OS version numbers will be displayed on screen.

If your OS update failed:
  • Update your MIDI drivers for your MIDI interface to the latest or last known stable version
  • Try alternate speed settings: transfer speed settings as low as 25% and as high as 100% have worked for some users when 80% did not
  • Try an alternate MIDI interface. The M-Audio MIDI Sport Uno works well here and is relatively cheap
  • In Windows with MIDI OX on Windows XP:  Try doubling or quadrupling the Size setting to start, and halving/doubling the number of buffers
  • Search google and/or forums for the company that produces your MIDI interface to see if other users are having similar problems with Sysex transfers and whether there is a solution specific to your interface
  • If you are on Windows XP, try another OS or machine. Although it's not ideal, we have had less problems with Mac OSX and Windows 7. Windows XP has known issues with sysex transfers

INSTALLATION NOTE: It is recommended to recalibrate the oscillators/filters and reset the system parameters after installing a Main and/or Voice OS update. These functions can be found in the system menu.

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: sync issues when loading sounds live via the pad menu
PLEASE NOTE: alphabetization of the sound menus in live sound loading removed on as it was causing sync issues during playback.  We looked into alternative fixes which would preserve the menu's ordering, however, we did not have adequate code space to do so.

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: skipping on beat transitions when playlist active


Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: additional voice dropout issues

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Note velocity/duration shortened on notes entered to sequencer from external MIDI when record turned off

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Roll on, SHIFT + Pad would trigger sound and cause hung notes

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Voices dropping out when LFO sync active, restart mode beat/play, sound not assigned to a voice

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Playlist active, timestamp will skip under certain circumstances

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: duration being set wrong for ADSR sounds

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Playlist active, first step of previous step played on following step following beat transition
  • Fixed Bug: Playlist externally sync'd falls behind master clock on beat transitions

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Playlist crash/stall on beat transitions if playlist step length is less than beat length

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: LFO drift when LFO synchronized to tempo
  • Fixed Bug: OSC 3/4 oscillators respond to key information from sequencer with KEY FOLLOW OFF

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Exporting certain projects over MIDI DIN cause freeze
  • Fixed Bug: Sending SPP and Continue when playlist active causes wrong beat to play in playlist
  • Fixed Bug: Sending SPP and Continue with playlist off does not locate to correct measure in loaded beat

Main OS 1.4.4bb
  • Fixed Bug: SPP messages greater than 9 bars cause unexpected behavior
  • Fixed Bug: When roll mode set to anything other than retrig, only a single sound made be played at one time

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: Export single file transmitting wrong file
  • Fixed Bug: duplicate file names shown in folders

Main OS 1.4.3b
  • Playlist navigation re-enabled when Playlist active and sequencer in playback

Main OS
  • Fixed Bug: when transitioning from one beat to a shorter beat, notes entered on the first step of the shorter beat do not play
  • 2. Fixed Bug: Accented Click does not always play on first beat of bar. This is now greatly improved but there are still some cases where the louder click may not play at the start of a bar.

Main OS
  • Fixed bug:In the 16 Sounds / Pads screen, the sounds displayed when the Load Sounds soft knob was turned were not alphabetized.
  • Fixed bug:If a pad containing an ADSR sound was held during record for more than the maximum 255 ticks (about 2 1/2 bars), the recorded duration on playback was much shorter and unpredictable. Now such recorded long durations will always be the maximum 255 ticks long.
  • Fixed bug:If the Arpeggiator and 16 Tunings were on while using an ADSR sound during record, the recorded notes should have durations equal to the Quantize setting, but they were twice as long.
  • Fixed bug:If the Arpeggiator and 16 Tunings were on while using an ADSR sound, holding multiple tuning pads would result in all but the lowest-pitch pad play with durations shorter than the Quantize value.
  • Fixed bug:As of the beta release of, in the 16 Sounds / Pads screen, the Sound Folder (soft knob 3) and Sound Type (shift soft knob 3) are independent of each other. However, there were a case in which changing the Sound Folder would still change the Sound Type.
  • Fixed bug:In Playlists, the maximum 99 steps could be exceeded.
  • Fixed bug:If 16 Sounds was selected and a Note FX slider's pressure output was used to modulate a single sound, increasing pressure past halfway would switch to a negative modulation level due to a math error.
  • Fixed bug:If 16 Sounds was selected and a finger was moved on a Note FX slider while the Playback button was off, the slider would affect the playback of recorded notes, which should only occur if Playback was on.
  • As of the beta release of, the default Save folder in the Save Project screen now defaults to the last loaded project folder, but not the last saved project folder. Now it defaults to the last loaded or last saved project folder.
  • Fixed bug:In the 16 Tunings / Pads screen, if Roll was on then Soft Knob 2 (Octave) was not displayed.
  • Fixed bug:If 16 Beats was selected and Beat FX1 slider’s pressure was assigned to BW All Osc Freq (to vary a beat’s overall pitch), light pressure would switch to a high pitch, then as pressure increased would increase the pitch then switch to a low pitch and increase from there to the original pitch. This problem is partly solved. Now a light pressure still switches to a high pitch but increasing the pressure continues increase the pitch.

Main OS
  • Files in load file screen now alphabetized
  • Changed voice allocation scheme to improve playback of long held notes and notes played live
  • Sound Arp/Roll now follows swing setting
  • Folders now retained when loading/saving sounds/beats/projects
  • Changed behavior of sound load screen, now changing sound type is available when shift is on, otherwise encoders only control loading of sound
  • Fixed bug: ‘hole’ in file system created when file deleted
  • Fixed bug: Velocity no longer directly controlled by pad pressure
  • Fixed bug: Sound assigned to MIDI sequencer sound not playing back
  • Fixed bug: Note offs not being sent correctly from bank B sounds
  • Fixed bug: Some playlist params causing problems during playback when changed, editing now locked out during playback
  • Fixed bug: Env shape param removed from screen, unused
  • Fixed bug: Osc 3/4 samples cut off when modulated to 0 vca level
  • Fixed bug: Key Follow not working for Osc 3/4
  • Fixed bug: Unused glide params removed
  • Fixed bug: Several problems related to the arp causing randomly triggered pads and other inconsistent behavior
  • Fixed bug: Arp not working correctly in 16 levels mode
  • Fixed bug: Hung notes when sounds triggered via MIDI in some cases
  • Fixed bug: Roll with a bank B ADSR sound could cause stuck notes
  • Fixed bug: With roll on and playing/recording a beat, holding rase while playing an ADSR sound caused sound to latch on
  • Fixed bug: << and >> pressed while a beat other than beat 1 is playing caused Tempest to switch to beat 1
  • Fixed bug: In beat events screen if shift on, Insert/Delete key ignored
  • Fixed bug: If beat is stopped while an ADSR sound was playing could cause hung notes
  • Fixed bug: If roll on, sequence playing back and erase held, ADSR sounds could hang
  • Fixed bug: When fixed level on, pad pressure always max in some cases
  • Fixed bug: MIDI remote play now ignores pitchbend messages except for mod source assignments
  • Fixed bug: MIDI sequencer sound now responds to pitchbend messages
  • Fixed bug: When sequencer playing back in 16 levels mode and roll on holding more than one pad caused sound to shorten
  • Fixed bug: Recording an arp line in 16 tunings caused note duration to sound short until 16 sounds entered
  • Fixed bug: MIDI Sequencer Out Channel now used when pads playing back for synth sound
  • Fixed bug: Reverse/Roll LEDs not reset when switching in/out of 16 beats
  • Fixed bug: Pressure mod source for sliders is bipolar, should only be unipolar
  • Fixed bug: Added pad display (A1-B16) to 16 sounds load sound screens

Voice OS 1.5
  • Fixed bug: Pitch bend not working for digital oscillators

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Re: Tempest BETA OS - Main and Voice 1.5
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2017, 04:58:59 PM »
First, and most importantly, I’d like to thank you for being a loyal Tempest user. We appreciate all of your support, feedback, and especially your creative use of the Tempest over the course of its 6-year development. It is now a mature product that has undergone many changes and improvements.
When the Tempest was first conceived, we never imagined the many ways you would ultimately put it to use. As such, over time, we've done our best to add as many features as we deemed implementable within the Tempest's technical framework. We've listened to your requests and have enhanced its operation, editing, and performance capabilities. While there are still some minor bugs remaining, we’ve addressed the bugs affecting the Tempest’s essential operation and feel that it is stable, reliable, has abundant functionality, and is very fun to play.
Though some of you continue to request new features and offer useful suggestions for improvement, we’ve reached what we consider the limits of the instrument's available memory and processing ability. For these reasons, we consider this release (OS to be our final Tempest OS release.
Again, we deeply appreciate your enthusiasm for the Tempest. As we move forward, we are committed to creating still more ground-breaking instruments in the future.

Re: Tempest BETA OS - Main and Voice 1.5
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2017, 05:05:42 PM »
I'd like to add a few words to Dave's statement above. Though I may have chosen differently, I understand Dave’s decision to finish Tempest development with this update. He’s devoted far more effort and resources to Tempest than any of his other products, and I feel that even with some remaining minor bugs, Tempest is incredibly deep and remarkably functional, and in my opinion has no competition for what it does. The interesting thing about a a product that stores your music is that it’s an invitation to an infinite number of feature requests, because everyone’s needs for music creation are unique. I actually would have preferred a simpler Tempest with less features, but I admire Dave and his team for working so hard to implement so many of your requests, and those efforts have probably made it a better product than I originally envisioned. On balance, if you look at the totality of things Tempest can do and its vast internal complexity, I think it’s pretty amazing and may never be equalled. I certainly couldn’t have made Tempest on my own and appreciate that Dave was willing to devote so many of his resources to this collaboration of ideas.


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Re: Tempest FINAL OS - Main and Voice 1.5
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2017, 05:06:05 PM »
Tempest is the final official OS version for the Tempest.  You can download the file from the following link:


The 1.5 manual addendum can be found here:

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