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Razmo's Gear Rant Thread...


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Re: Razmo's Gear Rant Thread...
« Reply #1060 on: December 04, 2019, 06:17:56 AM »
I also decided to take the GAS fighting a step further... I will only be using the Quantum, and nothing else... I realized that three synths was just another excuse to buy more gear when the QUANTUM can do so many different types of synthesis anyway.
Of synths to try to tackle the world with, the Quantum is an excellent choice. It is a bit of a unique Chamaeleon in today’s synthesizer marketplace, and it really can tackle lots of various sonic ground.
Does this mean you’re selling your other synthesizers?

Yes... GT is the only one left. Two synthesizers mean double the space, half focus on each... I have to do This... it is me and my Quantum to the grave... I Will NOT even upgrade it if something new Can beat it because all my Sounds Will NOT port over Then.
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